Life at Smoothtel

You won’t know who we are just by browsing the company profile. We are a diverse team that embraces creativity and innovation even in the work environment. Get to know who we are and what we stand for.



Cools Jobs and Duties

Cool Jobs and Duties

We deal with the best ICT products and Solutions in the world. To be part of the Smoothtel team, candidates are required to be highly passionate about their career objectives. Our culture of innovation ensures that each team member delivers to their best. Nothing is impossible for us, not even sky is the Limit!





Continuous Learning & Improvement

Continuous Learning & Improvement

The Human Resources department as part of the core management ensures that everyone on the team receives the best training. Here at Smoothtel, Continuous Learning & Improvement is a culture that has been in existence for years. Employees at the company are motivated to learn by taking certifications and training that add value to their lives. Every year, the average team member is assured of quality career growth which we believe is a necessary precursor to a healthy environment and personal life.


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Benefits and Exposure

Events & Exhibitions

Every day at smoothtel is an adventure. The average day will engage you in activities that will lead you to personal Development and Growth. You are guaranteed to meet people and go places every now and then. Smoothtel participates in the best and biggest events and exhibitions where we showcase our products and services. If adventure is your style then, here you go.