Why Smoothtel



Vision Statement

To be the most trusted and credible resource department in the Company for the practices and standards which motivate employees, place a high value on professional and collaborative work relationships while recognizing individual contribution and response to the diverse needs of Smoothtel & Data Solution Ltd.


Mission Statement

We are committed to providing excellent service. We partner with management to recruit and retain a highly qualified diverse staff, facilitate positive employee relations, train to enhance employee skills, performance and job satisfaction. We create and implement programs to increase organizational effectiveness, we design and deliver fair competitive benefit and compensation programs and administer payroll services.


What we look for

Professional hires


Smoothtel seeks to recruit talented individuals with higher academic achievements, professional credentials, and a successful record of demonstrated performance and results. Candidates from different backgrounds are welcome as we seek to broaden and enrich our knowledge base.

Our people need strong interpersonal and communication skills to work in an ICT Industry, team-oriented and collaborative environment. More experienced staff play a role in recruiting, motivating and developing others, encouraging them to broaden their skills and experience whilst rising to daily challenges.

Internships Programme


At Smoothtel we believe that an internship is a wonderful and effective way for students to connect their academic experience with the professional work arena. It allows them to gain valuable exposure to the workplace, provides the opportunity for skill development, and gives them a competitive edge in the job search.

Our Interns are taken through a defined development program that enhance skills and utilizes the potential the student. After the internship there the intern is taken through a performance assessment to assist them in their next step in their career.

We’re proud to provide tools and world-class training to help them succeed within our system. We equip them with the marketable life skills that will serve them well wherever their careers endeavors. Skills like teamwork, reliability, customer service, accountability and leadership.