Interactive Solutions




Affordable interactive solutions and technology for your classroom/ Training environment. Smoothtel’s Starboard FX-79E1/89WE1 series interactive whiteboards bring finger-driven interactivity to your classroom or conference room. These models combine simplicity of design and solid surface with the latest interactive technology. Their finger-driven features and multi-touch gesture capabilities make StarBoard FX-79E1/89WE1 intuitive for anyone to use. The large surface of these boards provides an additional working space and contributes to comfortable group work.

Hardware key features Software key features
Use a finger or stylus pen to operate the whiteboard.

  • Large interactive area.
  • Two simultaneous inputs for collaborative work.
  • Multi-touch features for intuitive use.
  • Possibility to attach magnets to the surface.
  • 15 function buttons for easy access to the frequently used tools.
  • Lightweight with a steel surface.
  • Improved bracket design makes the board easy to mount.
  • Stylus pen is included with the board.
  • StarBoard Software is included with the board.
  • Support of different OS: Windows, Mac, Linux.
  • Customisable floating toolbar.
  • Hand writing recognition.
  • Variety of digital inks.
  • Export notes to various file formats.
  • Direct access to the Internet, Google image search.
  • Import Microsoft Office files.
  • Supports IWB Common File Format (CFF) for easy sharing of educational content.
  • Remote conferencing feature included.



Bring exceptional brightness and interactivity to your lessons
The 65 Inch Interactive Panel powered by StarBoard helps make your lessons brighter and more memorable. This complete solution combines the power and versatility of Hitachi´s StarBoard software with the crystal clear image quality of a 65 inch high-definition flat-panel display. The result is the latest interactive technology for your classroom delivered with the tools you know to help make lessons fun, fulfilling and enganging.
Plug and Play. Thanks to Plug and Play technology the 65 Inch Interactive Panel needs no calibration and no drivers – just turn on and start interacting.

Six-Point Touch. Six-point touch input, accessible with Windows 7 and above, means up to six pupils can work
together simultaneously while teachers can make full use of multi touch gesture controls.
No shadow. With no projector, teachers can work from anywhere at the front of the classroom without casting a
shadow over the screen

Full HD. The full HD 1080p high brightness display ensures your interactive lesson, images and videos are appear
clear and detailed.
Durability. The 5mm toughened glass and steel bezel, combined with guaranteed 24/7 usage makes the 65 Inch
Interactive Panel a very durable solution and robust enough for all classroom applications.



  • Intuitive interface
  • Customisable workspace and toolbars
  • Rich pallette of colours and editing tools
  • Integrated search engines
  • Built-in Google. image search
  • Import Microsoft Office, PDF, and multimedia files
  • Integrated classroom accessories (protractor, compass, screen recorder, etc.)
  • Intelli-pen for handwriting and shape recognition
  • Remote whiteboard sharing feature



Make the most of your real-world materials with an ELMO P30HD Visual Presenter. Deliver real-time,
true-to-life presentations that catch and keep the attention of everyone in the room.

  • 16 X Optical zoom, 8 X Digital zoom
  • 3D Noise reduction
  • Built-in 3.5 Inch LCD Monitor
  • 3.4 CMOS & FULL HD 1080P
  • 30 FPS Full motion video
  • RS 232-C