Data Centers


At Smoothtel & Data solutions, we believe that your data center strategy should be a source of your strategic advantage. As the market leaders and one of the most experienced data centers company in the region, we put our expertise to work for your business, partnering with you every step of the way to achieve the business outcomes you need.


Our services include:

We review the client’s requirements with a location assessment that includes
technology, systems, designs, integration, and energy management.
Strategy development
We recommend an approach to leverage the most advanced data
center technology and systems available and ensure alignment with the client’s objectives.
Based on the assessment and approved strategy, Smoothtel designs the data center
to provide high availability, flexibility, and simplicity.

Upon approval of the design, Smoothtel will construct the data center using best
practice processes, systems, and services.
When construction is completed, Smoothtel will commission the data center and
monitor operations for a specified period to ensure delivery of anticipated results.

We offer a wide range of laptops and desktop computers starting from the low-end for home users to high end business machines for the busy office users. We have partnered with international computer manufacturers such as Dell, HP, Lenovo, IBM, ASUS, Samsung and Mecer to give our customers wide range of solutions to choose from.
best-laptopsWe are DELL preferred partners in the region giving us the exclusive opportunity of working with Dell directly in regards to the various solutions that they have to offer. From its business-savvy Latitude laptops to its gaming powerhouse XPS, Alien ware desktops and self-cooled servers Dell has made its mark on the PC and server landscape. Plus the computer manufacturer offers customization options that few of its competitors can match, making for a unique line of offerings. As preferred partners we in turn pass this to our clients.

Self Cooling Cabinets

Smoothtel has partnered with DELL to provide the DELL self-cooling cabinet for data solutions to save on
energy and operations cost.

Simple, Cost-effective Deployment.

Smart_Cooling_Rack_Solution_19_inch_InImagine your raised floor data center without curtains or dividers, cross-aisle containment panels or even a
traditional hot aisle/cold aisle containment layout at all. Energy Smart Racks enable you to:
• Install rack enclosures one at a time instead of setting up whole pods for
aisle containment.
• Position each rack directly above a well-ventilated tile to capture cold air
directly into a controlled flow environment within the rack enclosure.
• Deploy fewer racks since you can increase the density of IT equipment
installed in each one.
• Build out your data center without impacting facilities such as on-site
fire-suppression systems.


In addition, the Energy Smart Rack design uses the standard Dell rack frame in
standard 42U and 48U heights (40U and 46U of useable internal space, respectively).
The 600mm x 1200mm footprint fits on two standard floor tiles. No
on-site assembly is required.