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The Office & Mobile Worker


The Office & Mobile Worker

Today’s office has taken on many different forms. Whether you have a traditional setup or find yourself in an open office floor plan, where you work is more than your desk or cubicle. Rather, it’s how you work — how you feel most productive — that’s paramount. Do you need to connect to a primary device or to many? Is your desk phone the key communication point or are you on your mobile as you shuttle between campuses? In either case, you must be hands free and comfortable. You need hassle-free choices to stay efficient and sound professional.

Plantronics has high-quality Mobile Headsets options that work equally well with mobile devices, PC soft phones, and landlines. Headsets that can switch from a reliable USB connection to Bluetooth® and back.


You are no longer defined by where you work. You work between meetings or between flights. You might work in a contact centre or be a home-based agent. You might not even go to an office at all anymore. But you carry one around on your smart phone or tablet.

The constancy of work, although providing unprecedented convenience, has also brought challenges. Offices are open but not always quiet. Technology designed to help often complicates. We can reach anyone almost anywhere, but it can still be hard to hear them. We want to make your voice be heard.#

To make working on multiple platforms and devices simpler and easier, be one less thing you have to think about, not one more. And take down the barriers that exist between you and the way you work best.


Hands-free communications

Everyone appreciates the convenience of hands-free communications – and they are essential for many mobile workers.
With our range of Bluetooth® headsets, outstanding stereo sound and advanced microphone technology you can take freedom to a whole new level, wherever and however you are travelling.

Smarter Working

Whether you’re in an office, call centre or working from your home office, we have a model with the style, fit and features you’re looking for. All are designed with the quality and reliability Plantronics is known for – along with the latest sound-enhancing technology.