Empowering workers to be productive requires meeting new user demands while ensuring corporate data is kept secure. Today, users want seamless, consistent, and secure access to the applications and systems they need to do their job – from anywhere and on multiple devices – and they want it now, not in months.

Smoothtel’s portfolio of Desktop and Server virtualization solutions provides an end-to-end suite of products that, when coupled with our experience and expertise, lower hardware cost, rack space, electricity, power and IT management & operating costs.

Consolidate multiple, under-utilized physical servers on a single host, running Virtual Machines. Using a wide range of centralized tools, IT managers can increase availability of their servers by applying modern failover and recovery techniques.

Faster deployment of new resources will reduces the time taken to get new employees up and running. It is deal for businesses in need of highly efficient, low-risk email, networking, virtualization and messaging solutions.

Discover why businesses around the world rely on server virtualization solutions for the highest level of efficiency, insight and control. Smoothtel solutions deliver integration experience designed to speed up the implementation of new business computing technology.

Virtualization Product Portfolio