Vertical Markets

Information Technology


Smoothtel & Data Solutions provides Information Technology Solutions, Product and Services, and specializes in designing infrastructure solutions to address and meet your business challenges, spot on.


Retail Sector

At Smoothtel & Data Solutions we look to ensure that we service our clients in the retail sector with modern and up-to-date technologies so that they are able to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Non Profit (NGO)

Smoothtel & Data Solutions understands the complexity of managing a multinational non-governmental organization. We’ll work with you to solve critical business issues through technology,



Healthcare represents a significant percentage of the overall Digital Universe, and is growing at 48% per year — even faster than the rest of the Digital Universe.


Following the growth trends in the region, investment packages to build 4,000 hotel rooms and insure state of the art ICT services in the coming years as part of countries tourism strategy. At Smoothtel & Data Solutions we are determined to build up the Tourism sector in Kenya.



Smoothtel & Data Solutions IT operating models include the use of cloud technology to reduce costs and optimize the use of resources.



Our range of  service offerings will help you assess, implement, monitor, maintain and optimize your IT environment.


Smoothtel & Data Solutions partners with government and public sector institutions to provide and develop skills, solutions and sustainable IT strategies that accelerate government’s ability to deliver and manage its services.



Our service provision includes: wide-ranging product supply, delivery of ICT infrastructure solutions and comprehensive service and support offerings.