It’s not the year 2000 ! So if you are still buying PCs for your employees, students, or customers you need to know there is a better, cheaper & smarter solution.

Image of Ncomputing in Kenya        

Welcome to NComputing Desktop Virtualization.

Imagine connecting up to 100 users on a single server PC with Benefits that include?

1. Security

Eliminate the threats of Cyber-attacks, malware and data theft on your PC.

Benefits of NComputing


Share the excess power of standard PCs and make computing simple and affordable. Save money by sharing the cost of a single PC among multiple users.

Save Money with Ncomputing

3. Energy Efficient

Enjoy Green Computing on a device that have no fans, emits extreme low heat and CO2 levels.

NComputing is Affordable

4.Flexibility in Deployment

Centralized management allows customizing of profiles, session monitoring and controlling while handling client devices from a single PC anywhere, anytime.

Deploy Ncomputing to many users

Whether for Schools, Hotels, Offices, Cybers or any application the need for a Fast, Powerful and Flexible solution for your desktop cannot be ignored.

*Discover Smoothtel’s NComputing today and Compute Smartly*