Voip System is the preferred mass communication solution for a range of commercial environments which include schools, malls, hospitals, factories, warehouses and large campuses. If you already have a VoIP system in place, maximize your systems potential by including IP Speakers as SIP endpoints.

Smoothtel has partnered with worldwide manufacturers to provide you with products including: 

  • VoIP GSM Gateway
  • SIM Server, SIM Bank
  • SIP Speaker
  • IP POE Horn Speaker
  • IP POE Ceiling Speaker
  • IP POE Wall Wood Speaker
  • IP POE Wall mount Speaker,
  • IP Audio gateway, IP/PSTN Power Switch

With IP Speakers you connect to your existing IP phone system or PABX just like another IP Phone. You can also use your VoIP system to communicate by connecting Smoothtel IP Speakers to existing analogue infrastructure.

poe ip speaker

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