Berbera Port Case Study

The Berbera Sea port is located on the south coast of the Gulf of Aden; it’s the official seaport of Berbera, the commercial capital of Somaliland. It is classified as a major class port in Africa for goods in transit to Ethiopia, Somaliland and other parts of horn of Africa.

The situation

Berbara port in Somaliland is in the process of upgrading its terminals and operations for a more contemporary digital harbor. Its need for ICT security upgrade was essential for its modernization.


Monitoring employees in the company.i.e on Time and Attendance.

CCTV Surveillance (Security and safety) was crucial for the expanding port.

Managing time database and records system for their employees.


Installation of Access control and Time attendance systems.

Installations of Cameras & Biometric systems.


Increased efficiency in port operations.

Easy Management of employees and their databases.

More growth and recognition of Berbera due to its expansion under the new ICT phase.