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kenyatta university

Kenyatta University (Ncomputing Solution)

Kenyatta University uses NComputing desktop technology to experience a wider access to ICT for teaching and learning.

The Situation.

Kenyatta University was facing major challenges in their Computing systems. They needed to evolve from traditional PCs to a solution that would improve desktop virtualization and enhance Smarter Working.

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The Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD)

The Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD) is an Institute located in Kenya that conducts research and develops curricular for all levels of education below the university. It also develops print and electronic materials for curriculum implementers.

The situation.

KICD previously purchased and installed cameras that were obsolete and were not performing to their required standards.

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berbera port

The Berbera Port

The Berbera Sea port is located on the south coast of the Gulf of Aden; it’s the official seaport of Berbera, the commercial capital of Somaliland. It is classified as a major class port in Africa for goods in transit to Ethiopia, Somaliland and other parts of horn of Africa.

The situation

Berbera port in Somaliland is in the process of upgrading its terminals and operations for a more contemporary digital harbor. Its need for ICT security upgrade was essential for monitoring company employees on Time and Attendance.

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Client Testimonials

They have the capability and capacity to handle; their support credentials through their experienced engineers is excellent

Stephen Mwangi I.T manager (IAT)

“We are so happy that NComputing by Smoothtel, has greatly reduced our budgeting costs, power consumed by the computers and curbed theft of the accessories”

Mwangi GichoguICT Director (Kenyatta University).

“The NComputing solutions by Smoothtel are versatile, easy to configure and setup, and they easily interact well with users”

Daniel KithekaRetail manager (Davis and Shirtliff)

“We are happy with the NComputing technology that was introduced to us and glad to partner with Smoothtel.”

Thomas Gitumbi General Manager (IAT East Africa)