Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) is no longer a luxury.  Knowing what is happening in one’s environment is essential since security begins with self. With our 15 years  experience  in ICT industry, we strive to position best surveillance solution to our customers.

Our primary concern is to understand your needs and provide the right solution which will provide you with adequate ongoing reliability as well as quality evidence after you play back. Our Solution provision is started with a survey which is initially conducted at the site by our competent team who with your consultation answer a number of questions as outlined below:

spy camera
  • Will the cameras be indoor or outdoor?
  • Will the cameras need to be vandal resistant?
  • What kind of lighting is in place
    • Will the cameras need IR components (ability to see in complete darkness)
    • Will the area have very bright and very dark areas require wide dynamic range cameras
  • What are you looking for:
    • Detecting a person? 
    • Recognizing a known person?
    • Identifying an unknown person?
    • Identifying a license plate?
    • Manually following a person?
    • Loss prevention
  • Will you want to control the camera by panning and tilting manually?
  • Will you need 180 degree or 360 degree views?
  • Will you require recording fully admissible in a court of law?
  • Will you require recorder security – theft proofing?
  • How long a recording are you need to keep on file?
  • How will we get power to the camera?
  • What kind of wiring is required?