eBoard Solutions

We are the best eBoard Solution provider in Kenya, and Africa. Our eBoard Solution enables boards, executives, and committees to focus their meetings on driving critical initiatives and programs.

Why BoardMaps


  • Keep important issues in scope until resolved
  • Provide a secure, single environment for discussions,
    minutes and documents.


  • Encourage a natural workflow for meetings.
  • Simplify processes to raise issues. Make suggestions and resolve differences.


  • Transform agenda items into action items.
  • Maintain accountability with real-time execution reporting.


  • Preserve relevant history of each matter, including past decisions and tasks.
  • Provide access to related matters on the same subject.

What Makes Our eBoard Unique

By keeping a matter in scope from the time it is first raised until subsequent actions have been completed, our eBoard solution ensures that decisions are tied to results. 

The BoardMaps Workflow

eboard workflow

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