Project Management Software

We provide Project Management Software that will assist organizations approach projects in measurable and distinct stages to better meet deadlines, expectations, and budget and with the least number of risks. From project or task planning, visual project planning to time management, supervision & control. SDS project management enables project managers to streamline workflows, workload planning, time tracking, project reporting and achieve much more.

Project Management Software


1. Project/Task planning

Easily plan projects while taking previous records into account. Can be viewed through Gantt timeline, Kanban view, Calendar view and Deadline view.

2. Visual Project Planning

Availability of viewing projects through Gantt Chart, Kanban board, Project Calendar and Custom project stages. Can be viewed daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly or quarterly.

3. Resource Management

Ensures the priority and efficiency use of resources. Making sure your team is working on the right task items and at the right time.

4. Time Management

Keeps track of the flow of the project from the start to the end dates, availability of automatic task time tracking, calendar task display & task planner. Improve chances of completing your project successfully.

5. Budget tracking

It maintains financial transparency of allocated budget.

6. Strategic planning

Mitigating project risks and problems and ensuring successful completion of the project at hand.

7. Supervision & Control

The software allows the project manager to follow up on task reports, control who has access on viewing the reports, project progress and admin rights.

project management system

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