Before fruits and vegetables get to grocery stores, supermarkets and eventually to our homes, they go through various processes that expose them to different contaminated surfaces. Fruits and vegetables come into contact with pesticides, herbicides, artificial oils and waxes, and pathogens that are harmful to our health before and during harvest as well as during transportation. Proper cleaning of produce is therefore paramount.

A quick survey within your friend groups, family or community on how they clean produce will reveal different opinions. Some of these being pure facts while others being mere myths, and because we care about your health, here are a few myths that we have heard about so far.

4 myths on proper cleaning of fruits and vegetables

1. “Organic Produce is clean, no need to wash” : Wash your produce whether they are organic, home-grown or not, Germs do not discriminate.

2. “Wash with soap and product sprays” : Soap and detergents may leave residue on your produce thus rendering this method completely unsafe.

3. Skip washing if you are peeling: Always wash your produce before peeling as germs can be transferred to the part you are planning on eating during peeling or cutting.

4. Use diluted bleach to clean: Bleach can get absorbed by the produce, changing flavor and causing food poisoning.

Why use Ultrasonic & Ozone Technologies to clean produce?

‘”An apple a day keeps the doctor away…” It is quite evident that fruits and vegetables are the VIPs of a healthy diet and healthy living. A diet high in fruit and vegetables will help improve your immunity and protect you from diseases such as diabetes, cancer, heart diseases, among others. Fruits and vegetables are also a great source of vitamins and minerals, contain lots of fiber and are low in calories.

However, the only way to enjoy the benefits of these power foods is by ensuring that your fruits and vegetables are properly cleaned. That is where our Ultrasonic Vegetable and Fruit Washer comes in. It uses reactive oxygen and ultrasonic waves to remove more than 99% of dirt, dust, grime and agricultural chemicals effectively and easily. It also uses Ozone Technology to eliminate germs, viruses, odour, chlorine and other harmful chemicals.

It comes with three functional modes which include cutlery mode, vegetable & fruit mode, and meat/fish mode. It also features leakage protection, digital display and drainage function. With a large capacity of 12.8L, this household Ultrasonic & Ozone Fruit & Vegetable washer allows you to wash and sterilize in larger batches. Additionally, the washer is waterproof and safe with a separation board that ensures electricity and water separation


  • Easy and effective deep cleaning: The ultrasonic food washer uses ultrasonic waves to remove 98.9% of agricultural chemicals from fruits and vegetables easily and effectively.
  • Quiet operation/easy installation: Operates using a silent vibration with no splashing over the rim.
  • Cleans dishes spotless: Repeated use of the multi-purpose Ultrasonic Washer will revive the original color of dishes and kitchenware.
  • Eliminates odour: the material of the container itself contains negative ions, which help eliminate unpleasant odours, chlorine, and other chemicals.