What is Green ICT? Green ICT is the use of sustainable computing to reduce the impact of technology on the environment.

Green ICT Solutions in Africa

1. NComputing

How is NComputing eco-friendly? PCs have a short lifespan of about 2 years. After this period, they are disposed of thus leading to an increase in E-Waste and landfills.


NComputing reduces this waste by reducing the number of PCs used in an organization, school or business. NComputing devices also have a longer lifespan therefore only requiring few replacements and very low maintenance. Unlike PCs, NComputing devices are not made with harmful elements such as mercury, cadmium and lead. It is also cheaper to transport them as they are lighter than PCs. The use of NComputing devices has also been reported to have reduced paper consumption which is great news for conservationists.

Choose NComputing, Choose to Go Green.

2. Video Conferencing

How is Video Conferencing eco-friendly? Global warming and the greenhouse gas effect are major problems in the world. They threaten to destroy the earth, our home. One of the major contributors to this is one of man’s greatest inventions, the motor vehicle. Motor vehicles are said to contribute an alarming percentage towards carbon and greenhouse gas emissions. Unfortunately, this percentage is constantly on the rise as more and more vehicles are bought and used.

Video Conferencing Saves Energy & Costs

Organizations, businesses and institutions are also growing thus creating a constant need for people to be on the move. Video conferencing usage can however help reduce these numbers and make a positive impact on the environment. Pollution occurs with every trip to work, meetings and appointments. By adopting Audio Visual technology like video conferencing, remote working is encouraged. Working remotely thus reduces emissions of harmful gases, transportation costs and general operational costs while increasing business flexibility.

Choose Video Conferencing, Choose to Go Green.

3. Home & Office Automation

How is Home and Office Automation eco-friendly? In our every day life, both at home and in the office, we require certain things such as lighting, heating and cooling, security and internet to feel comfortable. These things often require the use of energy (electricity). The management of electric switches may prove to be tedious and often skips our minds leading to higher electrical bills.

Home Automation Saves Energy

Home & Office Automation works by either setting a timer or programming the system to control electrical switches and devices. This means that you will be able to control lighting, security, heating and cooling, internet, systems, access control and elevators remotely. You will no longer worry about whether or not you remembered to turn these features on or off. Save on energy, utility bills and reduce carbon emissions with our Home & Office automation solutions.

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