Alcatel Switches

We are the leading Alcatel Lucent distributors in Kenya by offering Network switches that integrate security to help you address threats now and in the future.

Chassis Switches


OmniSwitch 10k

A high-capacity, high-performance modular Ethernet LAN switch for data center, campus and cloud-based services.

OmniSwitch 9000E Chassis LAN Switch

OmniSwitch 9000E

High-capacity 1GE and 10GE chassis LAN switches that provide secure, high-availability core switching for large enterprise, campus and metro Ethernet networks.

OmniSwitch 9900 Modular LAN Chassis

OmniSwitch 9900

An SDN-ready, high-capacity modular Ethernet LAN switch that’s field-proven in enterprise, service provider and data center environments.

Fixed Switches

OmniSwitch 6350

OmniSwitch 6350

Fixed-configuration GigE stackable LAN switches that are easy to manage and designed for your small business.

OmniSwitch 6450

OmniSwitch 6450

An easy-to-manage edge solution for highly available, secure and eco-friendly campus networks running many devices.

OmniSwitch 6560

OmniSwitch 6560

With multi-gigabit ports for high-speed IEEE 802.11 ac devices, 10GigE uplinks and 20 GigE stacking, the Omni Switch 6560 is the right solution for your next-generation network.