12U cabinet 600mm * 600 mm with castor wheels




1.Select high quality cold rolled steel, 1.5mm without sharp edge vertical beam, vertical beam marked with U unit size, easy to install equipment, high strength bearing, easy to deal with all kinds of equipment;0.7mm electrostatic plastic spraying frame, long-term use without rust

2.Strong heat dissipation fan on top to ensure smooth operation of equipment

3.The baffle can be adjusted freely up and down according to the demand.Easy installation,Structural steady,Strong bearing capacity

4.Strong casters, strong support, high quality bearings, free movement

5.High quality hardware elastic lock, safe and fashionable, beautiful and generous

6.The bottom hole baffle is freely disassembled to facilitate wiring and avoid the damage of equipment caused by sundries entering the cabinet

7.Easy to remove side door, convenient installation of equipment inside cabinet

8.The design of honeycomb net door increases the strength of the net door and is not easy to deform. front and rear double nets strengthen air circulation, high efficiency ventilation and heat dissipation;or 5 mm tempered glass door, using tempered method to increase the strength of glass, improve the bearing capacity, increase the glass’s own wind pressure, heat and cold, impact and etc.

Cabinet Applications: 

  • Small, Medium and Large Servers 
  • DVR, Security Equipment and Routers 
  • Patch Panels and Switches 
  • Telephone Systems and PABX 
  • Network and Communications Equipment 
  • UPS Equipment
  • Other Rack Mount Equipment


  • Product Name: Wall Mounted Cabinet
  • Color: Black (white to be customized)
  • Certification: CE/ROHS
  • Depth: 600mm
  • Width:6 00mm
  • Height: 600mm
  • Material Thickness: SPCC Cold Rolled Steel:0.7mm
  • Type; 12U Wall Mounted Cabinet
  • Application: Server Room etc
  • Package: Carton wooden frame