FootfallCam 3D Mini™ People counter system

Cost Effective Single Door People Counter

  • Anonymous People Counting using Time-of-Flight (ToF)
  • High Accuracy Even in Complete Darkness
  • Quick and Easy Deployment
  • Can be Mounted Vertically or Horizontally
  • Specifically Designed for Single Door Counting
  • FootfallCam In-House Manufactured Product: Made in the UK

FootfallCam 3D Mini™ is simply designed as a cost effective single door people counter which can be easily deployed without worrying about cabling or lighting. Integrating seamlessly with FootfallCam 3D Max™, it can be mounted on any wall or ceiling for vertical/horizontal counting.



Specifically Designed for Single Doors

FootfallCam 3D Mini™ is designed with simplicity and cost efficiency in mind. Using the latest in ToF technology, we have engineered a people counter that can perform the same accurate and reliable people counting in a compact form factor that is 20% smaller than our regular devices. The 3D Mini’s coverage is only engineered for single entry doorways, which makes it ideal for meeting rooms, washrooms, store rooms, etc.

Suitable for Low Ceilings, As Low As 1.9m

The FootfallCam 3D Mini™ can count people at heights lower than the regular counter. Even when it is installed at 1.9m ceiling height, the 3D Mini can accurately count each visitor when they’re walking in and out of single door entrances and exits. The sensor can also be installed to up to 3.0m ceiling height, which is the standard for single entry doorways.

Work in Darkness

By using Time-of-Flight technology, we can continuously count visitors without being influenced by changing lighting conditions. This means that you can install people counters in any environment, even in complete darkness.

Full Privacy Protection

Instead of using cameras, our GDPR-exempted sensors are designed to count highly accurate visitor analytics without capturing any video image. By analyzing the counter’s depth view, the sensor can count people while protecting the user’s privacy.


Meeting Room

Inefficiencies in a workplace can be caused by countless different factors, where one of the leading causes is time-spent waiting for a resource to become available. Having access to all of this information in real-time enables better-informed decisions throughout the day.

  • Visualize the traffic of employees by monitoring the occupancy
  • Optimize employee workflow by sharing real-time occupancy with staff
  • Identify the peak times for different areas throughout the day and make informed decisions on building development and staff schedules

Smart Washroom

With FootfallCam 3D MiniTM, facility management can have a better insight by measuring the washroom usage while maintaining user’s privacy. Use cases include:

  • Replace scheduled maintenance to more targeted demand-based servicing
  • Better customer experience
  • Predictive analysis using historical data for future planning
  • Utilization insights for facility managers


Anonymous Counting using Time-of-Flight (ToF)

Time-of-Flight technology works by emitting an invisible infrared light, then tracks the time it takes to bounce from the subject to the sensor, which enables us to measure precise depth-mapping without requiring any video footage. As a result, the data collected are anonymous at source.

FootfallCam Wireless Mesh™

Instead of connecting PoE cable to each FootfallCam 3D Mini™, multiple devices can be connected to a central FootfallCam 3D MAX™, which will act as the master device to send all counting data to the server. Hence, the wireless mesh system simplifies deployment and saves cost on cabling. They are also an extremely flexible network architecture as it allows management to remove or add more devices to the system.