LED Red Infrared Light Panel 45W Wrinkle Removal Folding Light Therapy Device




1. Can be folded and used as a beauty bin for better beauty therapy experience.
2. Can be separated into a separate panel for use, more convenient.
3. Pulse control can solve the problem of small power of products in the market at present. It can control multiple lights at the same time to increase power output and improve physiotherapy beauty effect.
4. Timed function, 10 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes timed beauty therapy, let you read rest while physiotherapy beauty therapy.
5. Red light and infrared light are controlled separately to switch different physiotherapy and beauty functions at any time.
6. Pulse function, increase power, 2‑3 times power output instantly, at the same time give skin buffer time, better absorption of energy, better beauty therapy effect.Specification:

Condition: 100% Brand New
Item Type: Red Light Therapy
Material: Iron
Voltage: 100-240V
Single Panel Power: 45W
Remote Control Battery: Button battery CR2025 (included)
Battery Capacity: 100mAh
Functions: Tender skin, anti-wrinkle, enhance whitening, promote circulation, strengthen liver

  • Functions of product light:
    660mm red light increases the metabolism of cells
  • helps to increase the production of collagen
  • reduces scars
  • promotes the healing of wounds
  • ulcers, and promotes the growth of hair.
    850nm infrared relieves pain
  • accelerates wound healing
  • muscle and ligament healing
  • promotes the recovery of unicellular mitochondrial function
  • alleviates allergic symptoms.

Package List:

  • 3 x Host Panel
  • 3 x Power Adapter
  • 3 x Hook
  • 3 x Manual
  • 3 x Eye Patch
  • 3 x Remote Control