Logitech Expansion Mic for Meet Up(989-000405)


Logitech – Expansion Mic for Meet Up (989-000405) – Meetup’s  provides greater flexibility in huddle room configurations. Meetup’s built-in beamforming mics are optimized for up to 4 meters. To extend that range up to 5 meters, add an Expansion Mic. So whether people are seated at a table, sitting against the wall, or standing, Expansion Mic for Meetup means everyone will be heard.

Connection Type: Plug-and-play

Indicator Lights (LED): LED indicator confirms video streaming, microphone mute, on-hold, and Bluetooth pairing, etc.

Microphone Type: Mono, wideband, noise canceling

Buttons / Switch: Microphone mute

Cable Length: 6 m