Luxury 4D Massage Chair Zero Gravity


Model Number: SDS-131
Type: Massage Chair
Application: Body, Home, Spa, Beauty Salon, Gym.

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4D massage chairs are the newest technology on the market and are popular because of their ability to mimic a human masseuse, due to the adjustability of the massage rollers.

With 4D massage chairs, the massage rollers go up, down, left, right, in and out, and you also have roller speed adjustments in certain programs for an even more precise and effective massage.

Benefits of 4D Massage Chairs

Massage chairs, in general, have many benefits, 4D massage chairs add even more. Below are some of the potential benefits:

  • Deeper, more comprehensive massage
  • Greater relief and loosening of sore muscles providing relief and increasing flexibility
  • Alleviating stress releases tension and reduces anxiety
  • Improved blood flow throughout your body
  • Reduced neck and back pain and helps with headaches
  • Align the spine leading to posture improvement
  • Complete relaxation leading to lower heart rate and lower blood pressure
  • Could help to increase the quality of sleep

High-End Features of 4D Massage Chairs

The features of a high-end 4D massage chair can be impressive. The following are a sample of such features.

Body Scan

Everyone’s body is different. A good massage therapist has to adjust the massage technique to the unique body contours, the body scan feature on massage chairs do this. It’ll read your body curves and pinpoint sore muscles and customize the massage accordingly.

Prior to each massage, the 4D massage chair system performs a scan which will help to ensure the rollers are performing the massage in the right areas for your body

Full Body Stretch

Our Full Body Stretch function holds your hips in place while your legs are pulled down and your back is stretched. Get amazing stretches every single day with our Full Body Stretch function and start reaping the health benefits now.

Another great feature that most 4D massage chairs have is the ability to memorize your settings. Once you setup the massage intensity, speed, targeted zones, techniques, and other settings, you can save it for future sessions.

Various Massage Techniques

4D Massage chairs are built to replicate therapeutic massage, and thus most of the known massage techniques are added such as kneading, tapping/percussion, stretching, rolling, rubbing, shiatsu/acupressure, and others.

Zero Gravity

Once you become positioned in zero-gravity, the massage chair will assist you in finding the optimal position for your maximum comfort. Then, it performs a soothing, therapeutic massage to help you drift off to sleep

Heat and Customization Settings

Some 4D massage chairs have heated rollers that move on three-axis resembling lifelike massage, disseminating mild heat throughout the body tracks, releasing tension, and treating sore muscles. There are different customizable speed, intensity, and strength levels of pressure to your personal liking on most models.

Full Body Airbags

An airbag compression massage can help alleviate stiffness and increase blood circulation. The compression massage can also stimulate the lymphatic system to remove toxins from the body much like a traditional massage can.