NTFS 618 Beauty Facial Steamer Moisturizing Steamer


NTFS 618 Beauty Facial Steamer is great for deep cleansing the skin and is also very useful for unclogging sinuses. it’s also includes separate inhaler attachment. Instead of fitting over the entire face, the inhaler attachment fits over the nose and mouth. Simply breathe in the steam to provide almost instant relief from blocked sinuses etc. Aroma therapy oils can be added to the container for soothing relief.



SDS Facial Steamer Sauna SPA Skin Moisturizing Pores Cleanse Hot Mist Face Steamer Humidifier Hydrate Nano Mist Sprayer


  • 50ml environmental friendly aluminum pot, easy to clean, against rust and corrosion.
  • With 0/1/2 settings control valve, 2 files steam output can be adjustable.
  • Activate hydrophilic factors and replenish skin moisture.
  • Promote collagen regeneration, restore delicate and smooth skin.
  • Soften the cuticle and improve skin absorption ability to absorb enough nutrition.
  • Weaken pigmented spots so as to maintain your fair complexion face.
  • Kill skin bacteria, inhibit acne growth.
  • Soothing steam helps open pores, remove dirt, grease and makeup residue.
  • Promote face blood circulation, reduce fine lines, eliminate facial edema and dark circles.
  • Relieve cold and rhinitis symptoms.
  • Add the spices and essential oils to the steamer, then you can enjoy a aromatherapy sauna at home.