Why do your clients choose to work with you? Simple question, right? However, so often we focus on why we did not close any deals rather than focus on the ones that actually went through. By focusing on your stories of success, you can highlight your company’s strong points and showcase it to your audience.

We conducted a survey in the last 3 months and were able to come up with the top 5 reasons that retain 94.1% of our customers at Smoothtel & Data Solutions Ltd.

#1. High-Quality Customer Service

Our team focuses on professionalism, being customer-first and exuding patience. As our mantra depicts, the customer is always right and we take the time to understand their needs and tailor the best solutions for them.

#2. Reliable After-Sales Customer Service

For us, it’s not just enough to deliver a service and leave a client site. We understand the importance of circling back to make sure that the customer is still happy with the product or solution and offer any maintenance that may be required. We will not rest until they are 100% satisfied.

#3. Efficiency in Requested Services

The demand for great customer experience has been increasing over the years and as a company it is our duty to meet those expectations. We are constantly improving our quick response time, resolving inquiries as best as possible in the first interaction, and reducing our resolution time. We are always ecstatic when our customers notice the change.

#4. High Level of Trust to Deliver

Our customers know us, like us and we work hard to make them trust us. Without trust, it will be difficult to communicate and coordinate with them. That is why we make sure it reflects in our service delivery, branding and in the quality of our ICT products.

#5. Superb Channel for Escalating Issues.

We do our best to listen to customer complaints because it also gives us a chance to learn something about our products or services. We always let our customers know that we appreciate their feedback and we are trained and experienced to handle any objections. Whether the customer is objecting about price, merchandise or time, we know that it is vital to confirm the validity of each concern and offer a solution. 

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