A two-way radio is one that has the ability to send and receive radio signals, it is a transceiver. It allows the operator to communicate with other radios that are using the same radio frequency. Two-way radios operate in two modes; that is half-duplex and full-duplex.

Half-duplex refers to the radio’s ability to transmit and receive information in turn. This means that the operator can either talk or listen. Full-duplex, on the other hand, refers to the radio’s ability to transmit and receive information simultaneously, meaning that the operator can talk and listen at the same time.

Types of Two-Way Radios

  1. Hand-held portable: like walkie-talkies
  2. Vehicle-mounted mobile: mounted in vehicles and use the vehicles’ battery for power.
  3. Desktop base station: use wall AC power

Radio Frequency Formats used by Two-Way Radios

  • VHF (Very High Frequency)
  • UHF (Ultra High Frequency)

VHF versus UHF Radio Frequencies

VHF vs UHF Radios

VHF Radio Frequencies

  • Offer a larger broadcast range
  • Have fewer channels
  • Great sound quality
  • Best suited for outdoors and across large areas
  • Applications: marine environment (waterproof, can withstand salty conditions and have strong signals on water), large agricultural estates, recreation centers, etc
VHF and UHF Radio Frequency Wavelengths https://www.smoothtel.com/wireless-radio-communication/

UHF Radio Frequencies

  • Offer a reduced broadcast range
  • Wider frequency spectrum; great coverage with little interference
  • Penetrate barriers/obstacles in urban areas such as concrete walls, steel and wood
  • Best suited for indoor usage
  • Applications/ Ideal for: buildings with multiple floors or areas surrounded by buildings

In conclusion, neither VHF nor UHF radios is better or more superior than the other. The choice lies on their application.

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