Cyber security is one of the most important aspects of business today. But what is it, exactly? And why should your business be concerned about it? In this blog post, we’ll give you an overview of cyber security, why 2022 should be a year of cyber security optimism and explain why it’s so important for businesses to protect themselves online. We’ll also provide some tips on how you can improve your company’s cyber security posture. So read on to learn more.

What cybersecurity means

Cyber security is a rapidly growing field that aims to reduce the risk of cyber-attacks and protect against unauthorized exploitation. It does this by applying technologies, processes, or controls for systems to not be compromised so easily online. Cyber security is more than just protecting the devices we use every day, it also ensures that your personal information remains safe and private. So, who invented cybersecurity? The history of cybersecurity is long and complicated, but it all starts with a programme called Creeper. Researcher Bob Thomas created it in the 1970s. It could move across ARPANET’s network leaving breadcrumbs wherever it went. In 1980, Ray Tomlinson, who created email, also wrote Reaper which chased down and deleted any creepers on its way. Cyber security is a must-have for everyone. We all have personal information available on the internet and it’s only getting more difficult to protect yourself from hackers who want access in order steal your identity or private data like credit card numbers.

How cybersecurity really works

Today, cyber attackers aren’t always after money. Today’s crime has evolved from the theft of digital funds to data and now includes a new trend – onion-layered attacks. This involves creating different channels for attack with an intention on varying outcomes depending upon how much information you put out there about yourself or your company. The goal is to gain more access than one would have had before. You may be able to spot a single threat, but there are other more technical areas of concern that you’ll miss out on because your focus is tied up fighting fires elsewhere.

AI and machine learning automate cybersecurity defenses. For example, antimalware solutions use artificial intelligence in their weak spots detection feature which can identify potential vulnerabilities before they become harmful hackers’ codes onto your computer or mobile device

There are 3 key areas you can use to get started with cyber security 2022.

1. Securing your passwords

Cyber criminals are always looking for ways to steal your information and access devices. So, instead of storing passwords in browser-based form (which makes them accessible through plugins), or spreadsheets use an app like LastPass or Keepass . These generate unique authentication codes that you’ll have trouble remembering without writing down on paper too. Also, using a password hint is not necessary and can be easily defeated by an online predator. If you have been victims of identity theft, there’s a good chance that your personal information has already been found online without having to do any extra work on their part

2. Backing up your data

Creating a backup is one of the most important things you can do for your data. This will help protect yourself in case something happens, and someone takes or damages your device. For example, when there was malware installed without permission on it that gave them full access to all kinds of personal information stored inside (like bank account numbers). A good idea would be taking this extra step before anything else, so nothing gets lost

3. Securing your wireless network using firewalls

The firewall is a security device that can help protect your network by filtering traffic and blocking outsiders from gaining unauthorized access to the private data on your computer. Not only does this mean they will be unable get through, but it also blocks malicious software from infecting with potentially harmful programs which could affect everything else in between. At Smoothtel & Data Solutions Ltd, we partner with Watchguard and Cisco to bring you the most effective products

4. Latest tools in cybersecurity

Let’s check out a few essential tools for cyber security. 

  • Network Security Monitoring Tools are used to analyze data and detect threats on networks.
  • Encryption programs help protect information by scrambling it in various ways so that only those who know how can read what’s been sent or received through their computer screens (or other devices).
  • Web Vulnerability Scans look at vulnerabilities within websites which may allow hackers access into personal details when checking out an online store’s inventory.
  • Penetration testers use special software designed specifically towards hacking attacks while Antivirus Software protects against malware.

While there is much to consider when it comes to cybersecurity, following these three basic steps can help you get started on the right foot. And if you’re ever feeling lost or unsure what to do next, remember that we’re always here to help. Stay safe out there!